Payment terms and conditions

Available products

Due to the nature of online commerce, the available products will be constantly kept up to date and supplemented with new products, as well as the new online price.


Shipment costs

The price of shipping via the delivery or courier service depends on the country. Please see list below.

The order will be delivered by DPD courier service.

Country Shipping cost
Croatia 4 €
Austria, Germany, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Belgium 5 €
Italy, Denmark 6 €
Hungary, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Great Britain, Lithuania 7 €
Romania, Spain, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Finland 8 €
Portugal, Switzerland, Greece, Ireland, Turkey 10 €
Bulgaria, Norway 12 €
Other countries 15 €


Payment method

The seller supports payment via PayPal.



All prices are expressed including VAT.

The prices will be valid upon making an order.


Payment via PayPal

The payment via PayPal must be completed immediately.

If we do not receive your PayPal payment within a few days, we will notify you via the e-mail address or phone number you provided with your order.

Note: a customer without an existing PayPal account will not be able to make a payment immediately, because the PayPal account process does not support instant use of the account, as well as the payment feature. Usually, the full service will be available within one or two weeks after you have opened your account. You need a valid credit card to open a PayPal account.

For more information on the PayPal service visit the official website



“” shall strive to the best of their abilities to ensure that the information on the site is correct and kept up-to-date. However, sometimes the we cannot keep up with the rapid changes to the product information, delivery deadlines or the price. In such events, the “” team will notify the customer about these circumstances and allow the customer to cancel the order or order a different product.

HRIB d.o.o. is allowed to withdraw from the agreement only if a significant mistake is established (Article 46 of the Obligations Code). A mistake shall be deemed significant if it relates to the essential characteristics of the subject, to a person with whom a contract is being concluded if it is being concluded in respect of such a person, or to circumstances that according to the custom in the transaction or according to the intention of the parties are deemed as decisive, as Hrib d.o.o. would not have concluded the contract with such content. This is also including a significant mistake in the price.